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Cloud & Remote Work

Unleash The Power of the Cloud For Enhanced Productivity, Security and Collaboration

Transform Your Organization Using Cloud Technologies

Anytime, Anywhere

Enable remote working capabilities across your organization using the cloud. The only thing required? An internet connection. Move beyond depending on access to server-connections to get work done. 

Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

Cloud technologies offer a range of automations and productivity-enhancing features such as live collaboration across shared documents and folders, without compromising security.  

Leverage Your Data

Bring your data together and in real time with the help of cloud technologies. Gain access to new data-driven insights to capitalize on opportunities across your organization.

Enhanced Security

Cloud platforms offer effective encryption and real-time security measures that can keep your data secure, whether it is in storage or transit. Move your server operations to secure data warehouses that utilize market-leading technologies.

A Trusted Partner in Cloud Adoption Services

We help you to get the best from your technology on all fronts. Infinity are trusted providers of cloud adoption services that change the rules of the game for your business, enabling it to tap into the power of modern technologies that drive secure, sustainable and data-driven growth for your business.

A Tailored Cloud Infrastructure For Your Business

We work closely with our cloud adoption clients to create an implementation strategy that precisely meets their needs. We'll help you to select the right tools and platforms to bring your tailored strategy to life.

Training and Support

We don't leave our clients in the deep-end. Whilst working closely with you through the process, once your new cloud infrastructure is ready, we introduce your team to the new setup and equip them to use it to its potential.

Migration and Deployment

We create seamless transitions that are designed to minimize downtimes and disruptions. We map out the infrastructure of your data and processes and ensure they are all migrated and ready for your team to use at the click of a button!

Enhanced Security and Backups

We ensure the ongoing security of your data via implementing cybersecurity measures across your cloud infrastructure, holistically monitoring for threats and dealing with them promptly. Never lose your data with secure cloud-backups.

Harness The Benefits of Cloud Adoption

Along with each facet of our service, your organization will realize a range of benefits that drive efficiency, innovation, security and growth.

A Full, Aligned Picture of your IT: Now and for the Future

A big barrier to digital transformation for many organizations, is a lack of clarity around their current IT infrastructure that they are using, and the latest technologies on the market and how they can create new benefits. With an experienced IT partner that brings together strategy with technical expertise, you will be able to map your infrastructure and how it works, find new opportunities to improve it, and the technologies that can bring them to life in alignment with your needs. Infinity Technologies can help you to bridge the gap between your present situation and your ideal future, using the power of technology. 

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Smooth and Seamless Transitions

In a fast-paced world where dropping the ball can be prove to be costly to business and targets, we take care to ensure that your cloud adoption project complements your current operations. We fit the technology to your processes, not the other way around, and start building an IT environment that enables you to continue and improve your workflows. When the time to switch comes, we’ll take care to prepare your people and processes to hit the ground running in their new cloud setup, all in a way that is sustainable and manageable. 

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Empowering Your People To Use The Cloud

We take the time to fully onboard your people to their new cloud setup so they can make the most of it, using trainings, materials, and on-call support. We help everyone to get comfortable and confident with their cloud-infrastructure and show them tips and tricks for leveraging it for enhanced productivity, efficiency and collaboration.   

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Keeping Your Data Secure, Always

Cloud technologies enable backups to be stored securely on cloud servers; achieve piece of mind by knowing that your data is regularly backed up, secure, and re-accessible should it ever be needed. Achieve transparency across your files and documents with version histories of your cloud documents. 

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Get Expert Insights on Your IT

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Schedule a time to meet with Jeff or Curtis, our client consultants, to discover the options available to you.

Book a time that's convenient for you, use the calendar to book a time slot with one of our team - gain an insight into your IT and learn how we can help you.